Don’t Surrender, Sushma

Sushma Jadaun, 15 year old lives in a village Sarkar in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh state with her family. Her father is a laborer and her mother is a house wife. She has 2 brothers and one sister as her siblings.

5 years back she had tingling sensation in her right hand and gradually her hand became weak & senseless. She was treated for leprosy. Deformity in her hands have derived which is clearly visible by others and as a result in her school she was known as a leprosy affected persons. She said that “mujhe kushth rogiyo ki tarah dekha aur vyavhar kiya jaata tha”, translating it to English “I was called by Leprosy sufferer and treated me with discriminatory behavior”.

Her classmates started keeping distance from her but she continued her studies and tolerated loneliness, discriminations and frustrations.

Then her father took her to join SELF CARE CAMP at Bangra CHC organized by NLR Foundation. She not only learnt practicing self-care but also followed it regularly & sincerely. Results were surprising, her hands became soft & supple in a very less time. Reconstructive surgery was also performed by TLM hospital Naini. NLR Foundation also supported her to continue education.

Now she states that “Mai sabhi chunnotiyon ka samna karne k liye tayyar hu” which means that “I am ready to face all challenges”.

There are many hurdles in the life of every person. If these hurdles are overcome, targets can be achieved in due course of life. We should always be hopeful and search for ways to proceed, people are always there to help you.

– Sushma

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