Combined approaches for prevention and management of disability

Combined Self-care:- All the persons detected for leprosy are givenMulti-Drug Therapy (MDT) and they become cured but in some of them deformities/ disabilities may remain forever because of the permanent nerve damage. Their hands and feet become anesthetic and weak. This condition makes them susceptible to develop progressive secondary disabilities like ulcers, contractures, blindness etc., which often goes unnoticed or ignored. Therefore, prevention of these secondary disabilities is essential to preserve the functioning of parts like hands, feet and eyes for performing routine daily activities. Here we help them with training in self-care practices.

Keeping in mind the need of other disabilities and to broaden the scope of disability inclusive development, NLR India Foundation has promoted the combined self-care (CSC) projects combining persons with disability due to leprosy and disabled persons due to lymphatic filariasis who all require life-long morbidity management, life-long care and behavioral change.

Combined self-care was started in 6 Primary Health Centres in 2018. 242 people with disabilities joined. In all cases, the worsening of disabilities was prevented.

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