Sujit Narayan Sahu

Transformation of lives

Sujit Narayan Sahu lives with his family with 3 kids. Two are studying one is too small to go to school. He narrates his sad tale when he was first diagnosed with leprosy. Due to delay in treatment he is left with grade 2 disability in both hands. His strong desire to do something for his family and do not depend on mercies of others make him live an independent life. He is thankful to NLR India for encouraging the community to organize Self-help Group of persons with disabilities including persons affected by leprosy. The group members considered his need and provided him INR 5000/- as loan against his monthly contribu􀆟on of INR 100/-per month. He started a small shop with cosmetics and children items. He is getting a small income of INR 200-300 per day. Gradually his wife also started a snack shop next to his shop. The commitment to respectable earning source and hardworking has sent a strong message to the society. The community happily takes tea and snacks served by both-husband and wife. It has greatly reduced the stigma and discrimination related to leprosy in the society He says “the family thank NLR India for keeping their dignity high”. He also thanks NLR India for suppor􀆟ng children through its education programme. Mr. Sujit has set an example to be followed by others.

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