Strengthening of Disabled Person’s Organization

Imparting Knowledge, Knowledge is Power…..

The Census of India (2011) has revealed that 2.68 Crore (1.5 Crore males and 1.18 Crore females) are suffering from one or the other forms of disability. PWDs (Persons with Disability) often face discriminations and exclusion in political, economic, and social life cycles. They are disempowered with their rights, opportunities and entitlements. The situation is further exacerbated by the existence of in-discriminatory laws at National and State levels. It has been well acknowledged that PWDs often lack the leadership, organization, and awareness to advocate & lobbying for their rights and entitlements. As a result, PWDs are unable to play an active role in accessing their rights and entitlements as defined in different policies and programmes.

NLR India Foundation has proactively undertaken the strengthening of the Disabled Persons Organizations in order to address the issues of disabled in India.

The overall aim of strengthening DPOs i

In the recent initiatives,
NLRIF has been supporting Vihar Viklang Adhikar Manch (VVAM) – a Bihar based Disabled Persons Organization.

The strengthening will add to the capacity to advocate for and facilitate the establishment of disability friendly societies. Through series of capacity building initiatives, NLRIF has been strengthening many other DPOs in India.

These initiatives have been focused on need based training, raising awareness on establishment of DPOs & their functioning, apprising about policies & schemes and administrative support.

NLRIF has been successful in establishing & supporting institutions of disabled persons in the leprosy colonies in various states of IndiaIt has further extended its reach towards PWDs living in rural India by working on concept of Self Help Groups of Disabled and Persons affected with Leprosy.

SHGs holding their meetings in rural India (Aurangabad district of Bihar State)