Life is a journey and NLR Foundation made it possible, Parvati Devi

This journey started when I saw some patches on my body when I was 8 years only but my family ignored it. I used to live happily with my parents in Shettie Anchal, Nepal. Those few skin patches took over my whole body within 2 years & gradually developed neuritis in feet (inflammation of nerves which is painful and results loss of function. I developed ULCER due to my anesthetic feet. It took 3 years for me & my family to realize that it is a LEPROSY disease. I was then admitted to Nepal Missionary Hospital for treatment of feet ulcer, when I was 11.

Loneliness & darkness in life

After 3 years I came back to my home and another shock gave me a new journey where me & my healthy sister were alone. “MY PARENTS WERE NO MORE”. My sister was normal, not affected by Leprosy. Our relatives persuaded us to shift to our grandmother home because of my disability.

Social Discrimination

Over the time I felt that my maternal uncle did not allow his children to play & make any conversations with me due to fear of my disease. I was discriminated badly when it comes to utilizing public utilities. Failing to face this negligence, I left my grandmother house. With the help of one decent neighbor I got myself admitted in Pithoragarh Missionary Hospital, Uttrakhand. I was there for about 3 years for treatment.

Journey took A New Turn – Shifted to NLR Foundation Supported Leprosy Colony in Dehradun

When I was 20 years old, I got married to Mangal Singh, a resident of KKM colony, Nalapani Road, Dehradun. He is also suffering from the same disease. We were leading a happy life. We both worked in a weaving factory in KKM colony on daily wages. We adopted a normal girl child aging 3 years. We gave her a name – “GEETANJALI”

Got Education for Geetanjali

In the year 2010 NLR Foundation(NLRF) team started providing education support in our colony. I always dreamt of my children to become a well-educated one and support the family. This dream seems to be fulfilled with NLRF support. My child is getting continuous support till date.Learnt Self-Care , healed Ulcers – LIFE seems HAPPY with satisfaction of motivating others to heal

Learnt Self-Care , healed Ulcers – LIFE seems HAPPY with satisfaction of motivating others to heal

I am grateful to NLR Foundation for introducing Self Care in our colony. Since 2008 year, I am practicing it regularly & I am surprised by its outcome – Ulcers have healed to great extent. At the same time I motivate other persons affected by leprosy to make it a part of their daily routines as it does wonders. NLR Foundation is our backbone for our peaceful living, otherwise it would have been highly challenging to live on our own in such hardships. LIFE SEEMS EASY NOW!!

– Parvati Devi

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