(This website depicts the work of NLR in India and NLR India Foundation (A Local Trust).)
In response to COVID19, NLRIF as of 24th Jul ’20 has reached: Awareness on symptoms and prevention – 308696; persons affected with leprosy reached – 8500; families of leprosy affected provided with essential food, medical and hygiene kits -3176, No. of needy patients provided MDT – 126; Demonstrations (Hand Wash, Use of Mask, Social Distancing) – 11169; and IEC material distributed – 7158.

FAQs on Leprosy

Can everyone get leprosy?
No. Have you ever seen everyone, around you,suffering from any of the disease? Are all sneezing & having running nose? Are all suffering from diarrhea and dehydration? Similar is the case of leprosy that everyone doesn't suffer from leprosy. It indicates that our body responds to different infections differently. This is individuals ' capacity to resist a disease or infection, which is also known as immunity or resistance of the body.
What is body resistance/immunity?
What leads to development of disease?
Why all of us don't develop all the diseases?
Why everyone is not suffering from leprosy?
Facts about Leprosy
Can I live with a person infected/suffering with leprosy?
Does the children of persons affected by leprosy have the risk of developing the disease?
Leprosy is not hereditary; susceptibility depends on Body resistance/immunity.
Can persons affected by leprosy be employed?
Can a leprosy patient be treated at Home?
Which are the centers for rehabilitation"of persons affected by leprosy?
Whether the treatment is life long?
Can the leprosy treated patient with disabilities get the facilities of disabled persons?
Can leprosy deformity be corrected?
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