Encouraging wellbeing & happiness to end Leprosy, Shiv Shankar


Shiv Shankar, aged 57 years earning his livelihood in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi through opening of general shop with the NLRF support.

Leprosy has stunned the life of Shiv Shanker Tiwari, resident of Satya Jeevan Kusht Ashram, Sriniwaspuri, New Delhi. In the absence of any means of earning, he used to go for begging like many other leprosy affected persons to support self and his family members.

He was 16 years old and was living in South India i.e Hughly district nearby Bangalore in Karnataka with his parents , when he first time saw patch on his left hand. He was studying in class 11th and was a NCC Camp student. He was a dynamic young boy but this disease thrashed him. At that time, MDT was not available, hence he got treatment by Dapsone therapy. As the treatment was not that effective, with time deformity in hands had developed. And then as expected from the society, he was discriminated by the relatives and friends and had to drop his studies.

He got married too with Leprosy affected person. After 2 years, when he was around 19 years, he moved out of his home town with her wife and kids and shifted to Delhi in Leprosy Colony. He took his treatment in Nirmal hospital near Shahdra in Delhi. Unfortunately , after few years his wife got expired and then got remarried with Laxmi, one of the Leprosy Colony residents who took care of his total 6 children.

In October 2011, When NLR Foundation started their interventions in Leprosy colony, Shiv Shanker took active participation in Self Care Training Camps and started practicing it individually as well as in group with other patients. As a result, he recovered from the ulcers in his hands & feet with ease. Starting from year 2011, He also got education support by NLRF for 2 of his kids – (Vikas studying in class 8th and Ajay studying in class 6th now). He had also been benefitted by General Health Camps conducted in the colony by NLRF with the support of Govt. Health Staff.

He started gaining confidence in himself. He is one of the most active participant in that Leprosy colony who sets example for other persons affected by Leprosy without being getting affected by any sort of Stigma.

Now he was prepared enough and was in a position that he could think of doing something for his livelihood other than the begging He came up with a business idea of establishing a roadside temporary shop next to the doorsteps of Satya Jeevan Kusht Ashram, Sriniwaspuri, New Delhi. He was in dire need of a capital amount. The local money lenders were offering easy money against huge interest rates i.e 10 to 12 % and on daily repayment basis.

In November 2016, on his request to NLRF and looking towards his determination & passion to earn, NLRF has decided to provide financial support to him for purchasing goods to sell in his shop. Under the microfinance project of Livelihood program, NLRF supported him with capital amount of Rs 5000/- as interest free loan.

With his good interpersonal skills, developed with time, he is able to earn Rs 7000/- per month on average with good profit amount. It is remarkable that he had also started repayment i.e. Rs 1000 per month since last 3 months

Mr. Tiwari thanked NLRF for timely support and hopes for continuous education support for his kids. Out of his 6 children, 2 elder sons got married now and are also earning through vocational training support received by NLRF.

Recently, in one of the important meetings of ILEP i.e. International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations, Shiv Shanker was invited as a beneficiary , as one of the successful & inspiring person affected by leprosy who has come out of all the obstacles with a positive attitude. He had astonished everyone in the meeting with his speech and a great fighting spirit in life.


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