Educational Support

Right Education escorts to Right Living …..

NLR India Foundation’s activities address Persons With Disability due to Leprosy (PWDL) and also focusses on the development of their dependants. This is because when you educate the children of PWDL it is not just stand alone education for the children from the poor background but it also involves breaking of social barrier and stigma attached to them who have the remnants of the disease which had affected them long time ago. Therefore it can be inferred that it is not only community development but enormous empowerment for the PWDL community and brings a sense of hope that their future generation will be socially included and will not be subjected to the humiliation, discrimination and subjugation-in short promotion of Disability Inclusive Development model.

Supporting education is the finest approach of giving back to world

The education support of NLRIF consists of the following:

Persons affected by leprosy are the sufferers, discriminated and marginalized by the society due to heavy stigma attached to the disease. It is to be realized that the children of these affected persons, though healthy are also discriminated and marginalized because of which they are not pursuing their studies the way they should. These children face stigma and rejection in local schools and are often constrained from pursuing secondary and higher studies due to poor economic status of their families. Faced with poverty and in the absence of a positive, conducive environment, very often these vulnerable children become involved in illegal activities or resort to begging.

NLRIF is striving to address the needs for healthy dependents of Persons Affected by Leprosy, specially the children so that they get quality education and lead a normal dignified life without facing any discrimination. NLRIF is also taking care of school drop outs and grownups to make them self-reliant so that they can take care of their aging disabled parents

To keep the children away from undesirable activities such as begging, child labor, smuggling goods, theft, sex-abuse and anti- social activities, support for continuing education is therefore essential for a better and more secure future for these children. NLR India Foundation provides education support in the form of school fees, books, stationery, school bags and uniforms. Tutors are identified to provide coaching to needy students and to ensure that students attend school regularly.