Fostering Pillars of tomorrow 

Babita is a 15 year old girl who is living in the Indra Kusht Ashram, Ranchi, Jharkhand. She is very optimistic about her future. Her father, Pushker Puran, has fallen ill for long due to Leprosy and he is unable to do anything for his living. Her mother, Munni Devi, goes for begging as there are no other means available for livelihood.

NLR Foundation supports babita and her sisters for continuing their education. She goes to one of the best schools in Ranchi. Her elder sister Anita studies in class eleventh in a boarding school of Ramgarh and her younger sister Jaya studies in a boarding school in Dhanbad in fifth standard.

Babita stated that “I used to go for rag picking along with my sisters and other children of the colony. We could not think that our lives would take a turn like this.  My mother, my father and my entire family are grateful to NLR Foundation for providing timely education support to me” 

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