Our Reach and Coverage

India accounts for almost 57% of the world’s leprosy cases as per World Health Organization (Ref: Weekly Epidemiological Record, WHO Report 2018). Considering the situation, NLR India Foundation (NLRIF) stands tall (since 1999) with the cooperation from donors, state and central governments, corporates, NGOs including Disability People Organizations to address, and in supporting leprosy affected persons and their families.

Three zero Approach

Even today, leprosy causes disability and social exclusion. The disease affects millions of lives. NLR India Foundation has developed three strategic programmes to work towards a leprosy-free world.

Zero Transmission

NLR’s programme on Zero Transmission of leprosy combines years of organisational experience in the field of leprosy control

Zero Disability

Prevention of new disabilities, or worsening of existing disabilities and promote the mental wellbeing of persons affected by leprosy.

Zero Exclusion

It is not just the physical effects of leprosy which devastates lives. The prejudice that people experience is separating them from society.

Our Work

To achieve these solutions, NLR India works with central and state govts, corporates, and grassroot NGOs (Disabled People’s Organisations) and the affected people and beneficiaries with special consideration for women looking at their vulnerabilities.

Our Supporters


Rasna Mardi is a 25-year-old girl from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Her parents are disabled due to Leprosy since birth. Begging is the only source of income for livelihood of the family. NLR Foundation started its program related to education support in her colony. Rasna is happy today, fulfilling up her dreams of being a teach and thanking NLR Foundation for right support at the right time

Rasna Mardi

Shiv Shanker Tiwari, aged 57 years, is a resident of Satya Jeevan Kusht Ashram, Sriniwaspuri, New Delhi. He is one of the most active participant in that Leprosy colony who sets example for other persons affected by leprosy without any sort of stigma. He used to beg outside Satya Jeevan Kusht Ashram, Sriniwaspuri, New Delhi. Mr. Tiwari thanked NLRF for timely support and hopes for continuous education support for his kids.

Shiv Shaknar

Volunteer with us

NLR India foundation invites volunteer to become a part of NLRIF family. You will be an active member of the organisation and work for the socio-economic rehabilitation activities for the persons affected by leprosy, Lymphatic Filariasis, Diabetes and their dependents.